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Article: Kota Doria Lehenga: A Perfect Outfit for this Festive Season

Kota Doria Lehenga: A Perfect Outfit for this Festive Season

Kota Doria Lehenga: A Perfect Outfit for this Festive Season

The amazing city of Kota is not only known for its educational hubs and beautiful places but also for its textile business. Kota has a long history in silk and embroidery work. And when it comes to lehengas, there is no better choice than the Kota Doria lehengas. 

Since the summer season is upon us and the festive season is also about to come, you can buy our Kota Doria lehengas for festivals to look awesome in your circle. 

That being said, you can wear the Kota Doriya lehenga in any festive occasion—wedding, Pooja, etc. With its bright colors and different patterns, this traditional Indian outfit is beautiful and elegant.

If you are about to attend a wedding, a family puja, or any other grand celebration, a Kota Doriya lehenga is the perfect choice that will catch everyone's eye.

Catch everyone's attention with Kota Doria work

In Rajasthan, and of course, in other parts of the world, Indian lehengas are the most popular and first-pick dresses for ladies out there. And the Kota Doria lehenga is one of them. The complete lehenga outfit will make everyone turn their heads, and you will be the talk of the town for sure. 

Kota Doria, or Kota Doriya, has been around for centuries. And the famous Doria pattern can be found in Kota Doria Sarees and Kota Salwar Suits. The Kota Doria fabric is made of cotton and silk woven together in a square pattern. The check pattern on the fabric is called Khat. It has been said that cotton fabric gives strength and the silk fabric gives shine.

Origination of Kota Doria or Kota Doriya

Kota Doria, or Kota Doriya, is a fine woven fabric manufactured in Kota, Rajasthan. People believe that, in the 17th century, Jhala Zalim Singh took weavers from Mysore to Kota with him. In those days — since it is a lightweight fabric — the Kota Doria fabric was used in many things, such as graph paper, turbans, etc.
The word "Doria" means "thread" in English. So, the Kota Doria is a type of fabric or thread that is created only in Kota.

Having said that, there are so many clothing options that are made of Kota Doria. But if you are planning to attend a wedding, the Kota Doria lehenga with embroidery work is the ideal choice.

You can, for example, wear a lehenga with designer earrings and party-wear clutches. The options to style it are endless — it's entirely your call how you want it to look.

Tips to wear Kota Doria lehenga

You, gorgeous ladies out there, can wear a lehenga according to your own personal taste. We understand that the Kota Doriya lehenga can be worn in so many styles and with so many accessories. However, here are some of our styling tips to make you look more stylish than other women in your circle. 

Jewelry: Jewelry is one of the most important items to wear in India. And to make your look more royal and rich, you can pair your Kota Doriya lehenga with heavy jewelry like Kundan or Polki. If you do this, you will look pretty amazing, for sure.

Dupatta: Dupatta is also an important type of supporting garment when it comes to Indian clothing. You can, for example, choose a contrasting dupatta to change your Kota Doriya lehenga's overall look and feel.

Bold makeup: Shringaar or make-up is a must for every Indian woman. It has been believed that without makeup or Srinagar, a woman is incomplete. So, on this note, you can choose to go with a bold eye makeup look with a heavy coating of mascara and a bold lip color.

Footwear: When it comes to footwear, you can use any of the comfortable footwear that you like. However, with the Kota Doria lehenga, you can opt for Indian Juttis or flats.

A perfect online store for the Kota Doria collection

We at Jhakhas want women to look good and, of course, feel good. has a range of timeless and beautiful lehengas and cholis. These days, kurta and choli are the most popular choices for Indian women. We also have a different range of lehengas, such as Bandhani lehengas, designer lehengas, and more.

Bridal also wears our Kota Doria lehengas by styling them with a beautiful set of jewelry and other items. As we are about to enter the festive season, we have different dresses, such as party-wear salwar suits, organza sarees, and Banarasi silk sarees. If you want to try out any of these outfits, is the only place you should visit.

Each of the dresses we create shows our hard-working nature, and the beautiful designs tell you how dedicatedly we create them for you. For your big day, in fact, our handmade Kota Doria lehenga is one of the best outfits you can gift yourself.

The final thought

A Kota Doria lehenga is the ideal choice for ladies who want to look different and stylish at any festive celebration. At, we live to create fashion that inspires and tells a story. 

So, if you are looking for a perfect wedding outfit for you, you can explore our Kota Doria lehenga collection. With a wide selection of outfits to match your mood and vibe, we have something special for everyone out there. So, next time you are attending a function, consider wearing a Kota Doriya lehenga from

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