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Couple Dresses (Twinning Outfit)


Couple Set In Maroon Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Orange Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Flora Print Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Cream Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Blue Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Maroon Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Twinning Couple Set In Blue Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00
Couple Set In Flora Sale priceFrom ₹1,599.00

Twinning ethnic outfits has become a popular trend, offering a fun and stylish way to celebrate shared culture, traditions, and special occasions. 

Twinning clothes can be a great way to show and celebrate intimate relationships, such as those between friends, siblings, mother-daughter pairs, or even lovers.
Especially around festival season, showing respect for traditional attire and cultural heritage can be achieved by dressing identically in ethnic attire.

Create moments you'll remember for a lifetime by wearing co-ordinated clothes with the people you love. This trend started in the early 2000's and has remained very relevant in 2024 too. Twinning is especially common around holidays like Rakhi, Diwali, Eid, or Holi, bringing a little of planned fun to the celebrations. Expressing one's individuality and style through twinning is considered bold and fashionable.

There are different ways to twin, however. Twinning in 2024 may be achieved by mirroring your partner's outfit completely, basically looking identical to them. Another way is to match colors wherein, you might wear a different outfit but follow the same color palette as your partner in crime. Yet another way is choosing outfits with different styles but complementary colors, patterns, or motifs. This is seen most often during navratri where couples, siblings, mother-daughter duo's or friends co-ordinate their outfits to the day with a color code. 

Discover a wide range of trendy couple dresses for those adorable twinning moments only at Jhakhas. Find the perfect matching outfits to showcase your love and style. Shop now and redefine relationship goals with our fashionable ensembles