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Article: Navdevi’s by Jhakhas

Navdevi’s by Jhakhas

Navdevi’s by Jhakhas

The festival of Navratri celebrates nine nights dedicated to the nine divine forms of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga symbolizes the Divine forces (positive energy) that is used against the negative forces of evil and wickedness.

She represents pure energy (positive), known as divine light or jyoti that is the embodiment of feminine and creative energy. One can take away a lot from the lives of the Navdurga as they portray the real power and strength that a woman possesses. Our goddess is invincible, she is unconquerable. She is aggressive, she is peaceful. She is merciful, she is compassionate. She is the destroyer; she is the creator.

In all her forms, her association with the flora and fauna viz. the lion, the bull, the lotus and the conch tells us a lot about the strong bond between humans and mother nature. 

Just like Durga Maa, women in India are powerful, courageous and incredible. Every woman is Shakti (energy), Bhakti (devotion) and Mukti (Liberation), and should be treated as such. Jhakhas have known some wonderful women in life who are no less than real-life goddesses. we would like to categorise these women as creators, protectors and nurturers in their families.

Let us recognize the true capabilities of our women and give them the respect that they truly deserve. Only then will the real essence of Durga Puja or worshipping Matrushakti, be realized.

DAY 1 - The most prominent being, goddess Shailaputri.
The embodiment of motivation, confidence, awareness and creativity.
RJ Vinny exemplifies all and hence Jhakkas feels the pleasure to symbolize her as one of the avatars. She constantly evolved as a person, influenced and conquered the world through her words so as the powerful and sublime avtar shailaputri.

DAY 2 - The 2nd day of Navratri is dedicated to divine Brahmacharini which portrays a serene and graceful behaviour.
Dr Falguni is a positive and calm soul whose Brahma i.e. hard penance leads to majestic delivery of knowledge, wisdom and trained oneself to achieve the inner self so what Brahmacharini devi conducted during her "taap" to attain her desire.
Jhakhas considered it an opportunity to symbolize gorgeous Dr Falguni who always strived to move forward in life as an avatar of devi.

DAY 3 - 3rd day
The shakti, peace, calm and purity dedicated to Maa chandraghanta, so our beloved yoga teacher Ms. URMI. Very much compassionate towards her fearless and brave attitude to offer relief from suffering and distress with her yoga activities.
Devi chandraghanta is believed to reward people with her grace and courage to eradicate the physical suffering of devotees.
Jhakhas is very pleased to honour Ms. URMI with the avatar of shakti.

DAY 4 - The goddess of creation
RJ Anjali, the most versatile host and RJ chosen to be symbolized as luminous devi Kushmanda which bestows wealth and strength so as Ms. RJ Anjali who empowers the world with her enlighten voice and radiant form of motivation to fill the void of darkness in the lives of others.
Jhakhas considered it a great chance to glorify her as one of the avatars of devi.

DAY 5 - A woman has the power to rule the world, likewise “Ms. Anu Mishra” ruled the sphere of ethnic wear and always attempts to sustain the  Indian tradition without losing its style. The 5th avatar of Devi- Skandamata is supremely mother of fearlessness, peace and safety which can transform into thunderstorm to save her devotees.
Jhakhas considered it prestigious to symbolize Ms. Anu ji as the avatar of devi.

DAY 6 - The Warrior Goddess - Maa Katyayani
She is the symbol of shakti, knowledge and courage. Our beloved Ms. Vaishali revere her and blessed with these qualities. She accelerates in dancing and through her intrinsic features destroys all negativities and ego.
Jhakhas wants to denote her for avatar of Maa Katyayani on 6th day of Navratri that signifies cheerfulness and joy when you follow your passion.


DAY 7 - Maa kalratri who brings an end to darkness,
Worshipped and honoured during Navratri as she can destroy all negativities and bring peace to the world. Our dearest Ms. Poonam provides us the belief that most famous Indian attire "Saree" has continued to grab attention and universally adopted all over the world by promoting our culture over modern wear. Likewise, Maa kalratri believed to destroy evil spirit and thoughts and brings about auspicious news.
Jhakhas considered it a pleasure to choose Ms. Poonam for 7th avatar and encourage her positive thoughts.


DAY 8 – 8th day is dedicated to the worship of Maa Mahagauri, whose is resplendent like that of a cool moon and her power is unfailing.
Actor Ms. Shivani Sen is being associated with the avatar of Mahagauri as she is extremely beautiful from inner self and bright like a ray of lightning. She is a versatile leading host and brings a life to every show with her charm.
Jhakhas has this opportunity to symbolize Ms. Shivani Sen with avatar of devi mahagauri which is regarded as the most graceful form among nine avatars.

DAY 9 - Devi Siddhidhtri is Worshipped on 9th day. Siddhi denotes supernatural powers and dhatri denotes giver. Goddess created this universe with her divine powers, so as Ms. Sejal, Ms. Arpita and Ms. Garima who played a vital role in initiating and organising the business on their own and thus acted as a ray of light which inspired every other women to attain happiness and perfection.
Jhakhas loves to honour all three of them by personifying as the avatar of Siddhidhatri which denotes hard work and fulfilment of divine aspirations.


The Divine Mother is beyond all material attributes, eternal and ever omniscient. She is beyond any change, immutable and unattainable but by yoga. She is the refuge of the universe and her nature is of pure consciousness.

Isn’t being a woman enough to prove the existence of Ma Shakti?

Durga, the Mother Goddess is the symbol of all the auspicious and true qualities which define the Supreme Being. Of all her forms, Devi Durga is the ultimate representation of infinite power, purity and strength of purpose, which resides within the divine essence of every being.

This Durga puja let’s take a pledge to not only worship the goddess Durga but also accept the incredible strength of Nav-Durga in every woman around us. wishes all a very Happy Navratri and Dussehra.


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