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Bagru Chanderi Sarees


Save 33%
Red Maheshwari Bagru Block Print Saree Sale price₹3,999.99 Regular price₹5,999.99
Save 33%
Red and Black Maheshwari Bagru Block Print Saree Sale price₹3,999.99 Regular price₹5,999.99
Combination of Bagru print and chanderi

Chanderi Sarees are crafted from a delicate fabric that epitomizes elegance. They derive their name from the traditional weaving of Chanderi, a small village in Madhya Pradesh, and are celebrated for their lustrous texture.

Incorporating Bagru block designs, Chanderi sarees become a splendid option for summer wear. Bagru is a Rajasthani block printing technique rooted in the traditional practices of the Chippas community. Women of all ages adore wearing Chanderi sarees featuring Bagru block patterns. is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of Chanderi Silk Sarees in the market. The products have a flawless look and comes in a range of colors to suit every occasion. It's constructed of high-quality chanderi silk that holds up well to wear. The supplied chanderi silk saree is produced with high-quality colors and retains their color. With an assurance of timely deliveries and hassle free cash on delivery features, we are trusted with purchases from all over the world!

How much does a bagru chanderi saree cost?

The Bagru block designs lend charm to Chanderi sarees, making them ideal for summer. They are priced between INR 7,000 and INR 8,000.

What is the best way to keep a Chanderi saree?

For kota silk sarees, organza silk sarees, and chanderis, use the following guidelines: They should be wrapped with mulmul and wound around tall wooden poles before being placed flat behind a stack of thick sarees.