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Lehriya Dupattas


Orange Leheriya Gota Patti Dupatta
Sale price₹1,299.00
Save ₹1,000.00
Multicolor Leheriya Dupatta For Wedding
Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,999.00
Save ₹1,000.00
Red Leheriya Dupatta For Wedding
Sale price₹999.00 Regular price₹1,999.00
The beauty of leheriya work

Indian salwar suits are a stylish option for people of all ages. Light-colored suits look great for casual events, but for formal events, heavier suits with exquisite craftsmanship convey a sense of royalty. A fantastic selection of leheriya dupattas is available at Every one of our products is unique and outstanding. We provide a range of designs for our cotton and chiffon leheriya dupattas, such as gota patti and bordered styles.

Our multicolored leheriya dupattas are made of incredibly soft fabric and available in a range of colors. One of our elegant silk dupattas would look lovely on any woman. We're sure our classic aesthetics will enchant the inner Indian queen in you. These are constructed of soft material, are light in weight, and go with just about every outfit.

Reasons to buy Rajasthani Leheriya Dupatta?

Rajasthani leheriya dupattas from are masterfully fashioned from the finest materials, giving you the opportunity to show off your superior and commanding sense of style. This exquisite selection of leheriya dupattas is ideal for those who want to always feel comfortable while flaunting their style and grace. Made to be as comfortable, long-lasting, and wearable as possible, they are appropriate for people of all ages.

 Were you looking for the best lehriya dress material online? is the conclusion of your search. Pick out the greatest lehriya textiles online for leveled-up gota patti suits, party wear salwar suits, kota sarees, bandhej sarees, silk sarees and dupattas, as well as designer suits and dresses fashioned with these real dress materials. Also, have a look at India's amazing array of stunning lehriya crafts to add a touch of heritage to your apparel and home.

In which type materials Leheriya dupattas are available ?

High-grade materials like polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, and acrylic that uses provide long-term quality and durability against normal wear and tear. These items are carefully made and offered in an assortment of designs, patterns, and other alternatives. In addition, they come in an array of hues, including pink, green, red, blue, and pink. The Rajasthani leheriya dupattas that are offered here can be worn to a range of events, festivals, and festivities and are appropriate for wearing both indoors and outdoors. You may pair these with kota suits or banarasi suits as well.