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Bandhej Saree | Bandhani Saree |Jaipur


The word Bandhej, basically originated from word ‘bandhani’, historical Indian tie and dying technique practiced in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is considered that wearing bandhani saree invites good luck, therefore this fabric is very popular among brides.

Bandhani print is all about the beautiful pattern of small dots, It is a dyeing process where the fabric is pinched and tied with thread. Not only in India but this form of textile arts (tie-dye) have been practiced in many parts of the world, including India, Japan, China, Southeast Asia and various African countries.

We can say that the process of creating the bandhani fabric is very long and tedious, as every single dot has to be tied separately to create patterns before the material is dyed. The fabric is first washed to de-gum and remove the impurities for an even dyeing. It is then folded twice or four times depending on the design requirement, before the pattern is printed.

Irrespective of the fact that Bandhej form is very popular all over the world, in India it is one of the potential source of income for women in kutch. This helps them in earning their livelihood plus enhancing the craft skills in the comfort of one's home that ultimately encourages the women of other communities.


Variation and variety

The vivid and intricate combination of colors, patterns, and dots together creates “Bandhani” and that too is available in lots of variety. The most common ones are listed below:


Ek-Dali: Single Dot


Tikunthi: Group of Three Dots That Make Circles and Squares


Chaubundi or Chaubasi: Four Dots


Satbandi: Groups of Seven Dots


Boond: Small Dot with A Dark Center


Kodi: Drop-Shaped Pattern


Dungar Shahi: A Mountain – Like Pattern


Jaaldar: Web or Net- Like Pattern


Beldaar: Vine- Like Pattern


Laddu Jalebi: Swirling Pattern


Leheriya: Wave-Like Pattern


Bandhani saree can be a show stopper in any of the cultural event. Bandhani is not only popular between Hindu community, but it is also appreciated in Muslim community, as they carry Bandhej saree in different styles as per their tradition. It is one of the old saying that  Bandhani sarees are considered to be pure and bring a good future for the wearer, hence widely gifted to brides during wedding ceremonies by her Mother in law, rituals and festivals.

One of the basic advantage of carrying these sarees is that it can be matched with a single-colored blouse, but it will also looks exquisite if paired with fancy designer blouses and traditional pieces of jewellery would be an added attraction.


When to wear


In India there are lot many festivals that are celebrated, Gangaur is one of the many pious festivals of that signify the purity of love and devotion and the eternity of marriage. Not only married women but even young girls generally consider Bandhani saree as their best choice to drape themselves with different styling options and dazzling Jewellery, to complete their Pooja look.

 Much like sarees, Bandhani Lehengas and Leheriya are much loved especially in Rajasthan and considered an important part of the women’s closets during all festivals, including Gangaur.


Gujarat Ro Rang

Bandhani sarees captures the heart of Gujrat, as it is being passed down generations when a mother gives it to her daughter. Bandhej is not only adorned by women but it is worn as turban and dhotis by men all over Gujarat and Rajasthan. Craftsman intricately blend the mirror work, shimmer, colors and sparkle to create Bandhani attire for folk dancers of gujrat.

Safety tips to follow

  • Washing of Bandhani cloth is an important process. No matter how much you take care, the color will go away. To make sure the color doesn’t go away with time, always prefer dry cleaning instead of hand wash. And, if you were washing your precious Bandhej saree, you should not torture the art of bandhani with hard detergents.


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