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Article: Gota Patti Kurti Designs Options

Gota Patti Kurti Designs Options

Gota Patti Kurti Designs Options

Gota patti kurtis is the most loved traditional design by indian women across the globe, many call it Jaipur gota kurti or even leheriya gota kurti because people relate leheriya and bandhej with Jaipur as it’s the art form belongs to Pink City Jaipur.
When it comes to wearing a traditional outfit kurtis and salwar suit are the first choice of Indian women across the globe, the simple designer kurti with pant, kurti with churidar or kurti with plazzo and short kurti with sharara is a new shift in choice based on special occasions or festivals one is getting dressed up for.
With changing fashion trends the choice of bottom going with kurti always vary as per the type of events, we will cover those topics in next blog showcasing what to wear and when to wear to get that perfect look as per event/occasion. (I have marked it it my calendar today 😊
Jaipuri gota kurti comes in different designs and colors, with an exclusive embroidery patterns and choice of fabrics like georgette , cotton, silk, art silk, bandhej silk, chiffon, crepe and kota doriya.
We at jhakhas have researched these various combinations of concepts for years and narrow down to few fabrics based on the comfort it offers when wore, the flair it gives in wearing and most importantly the gota patti neck design and pattern how it is going with the fabric its is used on.
Let me take you to some top selling innovation we have done -
Georgette gota patti kurti –
We have experimented with plain georgette fabric and did classic gota patti neck work design on it with boota all over the kurti. It also looks classic when wore only gota patti work kurti with pant and even pairing the designer gota patti kurti with bandhej dupatta.
Gota patti kurtis | jaipuri kurti |
We have also used some thread work on kurti to match with the color of dupatta to uplift the look.
Since leheriya is loved by everyone across the globe, for its festive or traditional feel and the choice of vibrant colors it offers, we also have created the leheriya gota patti kurtis with neck work, the variation of neck work on gota design and various boota designs on whole fabric gives a different look to all designs.
Later on in late 2021 we have started with kota doriya gota patti kurtis which is also very popular pattern in kurti designs of gota patti.
Leheriya kurti | salwar suit | Leheriya salwar suit |
The popular colors of gota patti leheriya kurti is red leheriya gota patti kurti, blue leheriya gota patti kurti, pink leheriya gota patti kurti and yellow leheriya gota patti kurti,some people also like pastel leheriya gota kurtis.
What we have learnt from our customer’s buying choice that preference of fabric is equal for both georgette and kota doriya, the both kind of kurtis were loved by our customers across the globe and given us more freedom to play and experiment with designer gota patti kurtis time to time.
Silk Gota Patti Kurti-
Silk gota patti kurti is a first choice of elite customers who follow designers like anita dongre who love to design the gota on all pastel shades with minimal neck design and use of same colour thread matching the fabric colour so that the design look more sober, we have done some creation on kosa silk and chanderi silk fabric and the response was awesome.
Silk gota patti kurti | jaipuri kurti | silk kurti |
Many people requested to have vibrant colors on chanderi and we designed the colors with various neck patterns and made, red gota patti kurti, maroon gota patti kurti and blue gota patti kurti with neck work.
Some kurtis we also created on panel work which is also loved by people with good height they wanted to have long panel or long neck designs so we made one black gota patti design with center design of leaf pattern coming till panel from neck that was a big hit and still loved by people across the globe.
gota patti kurti | maroon kurti |

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous in traditional outfit and we are here to provide you with that amazing Designer gota patti Kurtis. Looking fashionable and stylish wearing Jhakhas Gota Patti Kurtis, when you walk out of the house. this is what we want you to have, that is why we modernize our designs with the walking trends.
Our Gota Patti Kurti Designs are always updated with the latest fabric, new neck patterns, twist of pearl , kundan and zardozi with gota patti work to give all design a complete jhakhas look.
As you have also learnt that various type of fabric can be used to make the gota patti kurti designs. So be it cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette or kota you can be sure to get a striking awesome gota patti work Kurti at your disposal. The fabric is obviously selected according to the occasion need and season. Long Designer Kurtis is really trending these days and short kurtis with gota work sharara is also a big hit.
Browse and find out the best gota patti work kurtis which you can wear on any occasion from Diwali to kitty party to house warming. With the finest price, range options, and quality assured cloths.
We are committed to provide you with best of ethnic wear hand picked from all corners of the Indian where the art form belongs to.

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