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Article: Trends in sarees that will be a fashion statement in 2022

Trends in sarees that will be a fashion statement in 2022

Trends in sarees that will be a fashion statement in 2022

Sarees fashion trend is continuously changing; as a timeless garment, the saree has developed its own style, not just for Indians but also for foreigners. Sarees come in a variety of textiles, including cotton. Silk, georgette, satin, organza, and a variety of other fabrics have become staples in Indian households. Let's take a look at a few of the saree trends that will be popular in 2022! 

Floral Embroidery Sarees

Florals have been a popular trend in sarees, particularly embroidered ones. The embroidery is ideal for any event and will make you stand out. The floral embroidered saree is available in a variety of designs and styles. They have a firm foothold in the saree fashion world. If a complete flower-patterned saree is too much for you, consider one of our floral blouse from, which can be a perfect fit for any coloured saree. In reality, a black or grey coloured blouse or saree is required, and it may be a terrific go-to attire for a fancy dinner or a marriage.

White Kota Doria Embroidery Work Sari

Pastel Silk sarees

Silk already is a new fad, but Pastel appeals to the hearts of young ladies who are trying out sarees for the very first time, and they provide a classic touch with a splash of modern colour. Silk sarees have long been regarded as an everlasting design for Indian women. Its luxurious, silky touch is enough to hypnotise you. Pastel silk sarees, which are offered in pure or chiffon blended silk sarees, are perfect for all skin tones and body types and have been a favourite for a long time.

Blue Tissue Silk Saree

Pleated Sarees

Pleated sarees are fantastic for instantly transforming you into a dressy or party-ready outfit. The saree's design mimics a lovely gown or gown-like structure, giving it a fusion aspect. With a belt or just letting the pallu of the saree free to show, you can dress this saree in a variety of ways. 


Blue Silk Pleating Work Saree

Color Block Sarees

Color blocking is a popular trend these days, and it's even found its way into sarees, where it's being worn in a variety of ways. In a saree, the odd opposing and colour schemes seem even more beautiful. Ladies may experiment with colour-blocking sarees by combining blouses with sarees to create their own unique colour-blocking saree combo.

White Block Print Saree

Organza Sarees

Everything has a romantic flavour to it thanks to the organza material. Organza sarees have a highly polished and stylish appearance. In pastel tones and flowery motifs, they seem even more seductive. They are easily opulent and flattering on all body types. These silky sarees are an appropriate choice for today's brides and bridesmaid. In 2022, an organza saree should be a must-have in your closet.

Pink Designer Organza Saree

Cartoon or Animated Print Sarees

If you're tired of the same old flowery or geometric designs, you should certainly try this new fad and craze, which involves wearing sarees with animated or cartoon prints. ( Source : Pinterest ) 

Cartoon Print Saree

Ombre sarees

These ombre sarees are the pinnacle of modern sarees. These sarees are a fantastic option of dress for a friend's wedding or as a present for someone special. This saree is a budget-friendly option that comes in crepe and georgette materials. There are also stitched ombre sarees offered with various embellishments such as lace and zari. Ombre sarees, which are popular among the younger generation, are a treat for all come in a variety of hues and designs. provides a large selection of ombre sarees that any woman may wear to a wedding or a casual occasion. (Source : Pinterest )

Pink Ombre Saree

Sequins Sarees

These glamorous sequin sarees are another excellent example of a resurgence in the saree era. We all know that celebrities that we like and adore for the tiniest of details inspire the majority of our clothing and even our way of life. Sequin sarees has made a dramatic entrance into the Bollywood scene, and the divas have already established themselves as trend setters. The nicest thing about a totally sequinned saree is that it doesn't take much effort to look good in it because it requires no or very few embellishments. These sarees are a lovely go-to cocktail costume.  

Blue Georgette Sequence Work Saree

Net Sarees

Net sarees are similar to sequined sarees in appearance, but they have their own allure that draws everybody in. Net sarees are a stylish garment that is ideal for cocktail events. They come in a variety of colours, including pastel yellow, red, and aqua blue. (Source : Pinterest )

Blue Net Saree


These are just a few of the incredible new saree styles that have been sweeping the fashion industry, but it doesn't end there. Our fashionistas at are trying all they can to reproduce some of the stunning ensembles from a new angle. provides a great selection of sarees to choose from.

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