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Article: Chikankari Suits- The Classic Lucknowi Art Blends in With the Contemporary Trends

Chikankari Suits- The Classic Lucknowi Art Blends in With the Contemporary Trends

Chikankari Suits- The Classic Lucknowi Art Blends in With the Contemporary Trends

The art of creating Chikankari suits has being considered average by many, but it has still managed to keep up its glamour quotient alive and left women of all ages captivated to its beauty. These facts stand as proof to the talent and tireless efforts of all the artisans that have facilitated this skill over the generations gone by.
Understanding the Art of Chikankari:
Chikankari is difficult and facilitated hand embroidery which is performed on the fabrics including cotton, silk, muslin and a lot more. The white or colorful threading gets woven on the smooth cotton, georgette, chiffon, silk and other types of fabrics and the beautiful pastel shades of muslin in light colors.
The entire Chikankari suits making process involves different steps such as designing, drawing, block printing, stitching embroidery, washing and giving it finishing touches. The fabric must be adequately thin for enabling the embroidery needle easily puncture it.
First the artist creates the design on the fabric through pattern blocks, then the pattern gets stitched on the fabric and the final outfit is then carefully washed to remove any outlines of the printed pattern. Designer chikankari suits are highly adapted in the recent times by the modern-age women and added varieties like Mukaish, Badla, Kamdani, sequin, bead and mirror work that gives it a much richer and sophisticated appeal. To make the simple chikankari suits look more designer and enhancing, artists and top designers have begun using different stylish patterns and designs with contemporary floral motifs and styles, which look very elegant and Indian all together.
Sequins are being used to make the Unique Features of Chikankari Suits:
Finely Stitched: One of the most important features of the chikankari suits is its stitching quality. Each and every stitch is being done to perfection and the precision in the work cannot be found anywhere else. The finely and artfully finished hand embroidery delivers the suit a look of richness and dexterity.
Chikankari Kurtis Anarkali
Colours: Chikankari suits being started out just as a white-on-white embroidery work on an authentic muslin cloth, it has now grown and clinched the use of a wide variety of colors. While white still rule the rest, but never get surprised to see colorful and silk threads also tracing the motifs, making all the Chikankari suits more versatile in nature.
Colorful Chikankari With Gota Work
Motifs: Floral patterns and chikankari walk together because of its powerful Persian influence and flowers have always been a clip with stems, buti and leaves added in for finishing the whole design. The contemporary motifs includes a few additions such as sequin, bead and mirror work, Mukaish, Kamdani and Badla that give the simple suit a better and richer look.
Parsi Gara Mukesh Chikankari Work Suit
Varieties: The classic muslin cloth has now been changed for lighter fabrics such as chiffon, organza, cotton, silk and net. The concept is to have lightweight fabric which makes the embroidery process simple and ensures that the work outshines on its own.
It is now safe to say that Chikankari suits have been adapted and grown to be even more beautiful with the passing time and matured over the centuries and it will be relished for many more years to come!
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