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Notwithstanding the unintended allusion to magical Narnian gateways, the title of this blogpost is ironically realistic. As leaf is to a tree, fashion is to a woman. Without it, she would just be, well…bare.Interestingly so, some facts exist about fashion that are largely ignored while shopping for trendy wearables. Not that these facts would affect choice in any way; they just help to appreciate the essence of inception associated with a particular dress. Dozing off in the history class is, not in any way, connected to what I’m speaking of - fear not, and read on. Time to bear acquaintance to the rich heritage of designer anarkali suits.

A journey to the past

“Anarkali” – ring a bell? The celebrated Bollywood flick of old, dusty shelves, Mughal-e-Azam, casted Madhubala as the beautiful courtesan, Anarkali. Her beauty enraptured the globe, accentuated by the dresses she donned in the movie. These dresses, being trademarked thus, came to be known as Anarkali suits. Elegance named after an ironically controversial but favorited character has made Anarkali dresses THE most preferred fashion hack of the female community today.

·         Foundation of Anarkali suits –The courtesans used to perform entertainment in dancing for the royalties of the court, wearing silky-smooth, flowy dresses with a length to be wary of. These dresses were called the Mujra dresses. With unparalleled success of Mughal-e-Azam at the box office, these dresses later came to be recognized as Anarkali suits, in remembrance of Madhubala and Anarkali.

·         The Middle Ages – Progression of time caused the regal ideological philosophies of the bygone era see a temporary disappearance, including that of Anarkali suits. This was the era of Rekha, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit. As the sayings go, “History repeats itself”. Anarkali suits were back with a bang, donned by Rekha in UmraoJaan, in a coloured version of motion picture this time. Setting the stage on fire yet again, this particular fashion experienced rejuvenated popularity among the Indian population.

·         Modern blossoms – Today, Anarkali suits have become an inseparable attire of the female community. Popularized by modern-day divas like DeepikaPadukone and Kareena Kapoor-Khan, these dresses are all the rage. Award ceremonies, functions, festivals and even lighter casuals – these dresses are everywhere.

From the handlooms of time and change

The modern-day Anarkali is basically a highly modified version of what Madhubala wore once.

·         Floored by grace – The churidaar companion long forgotten, Anarkalis have now graduated to being floor length dresses. Temporary hacks have caused parallel boost in the sale of skin-fit leggings to wear under the skirt of the dress. Some dresses are still sold with churidaars, though.

·         Contemporary royalty–Innovation in the industry has made fashion a “being” with a life force of its own. As if naturally responding to the change in mentality of the nation, Anarkali suits adapted. Skirts can now be seen in a range of the entire English alphabet – from A-line to inverted-U to what not. Even the mathematical symmetry of this heritage garment couldn’t keep up with the skewed patterns of today – loved more than the standard skirt.

·         Jewellery no-no – Modern Anarkalis compensate beautifully for the heavy jewellery that women prefer, sparing them the time and energy they would otherwise spend shopping for them separately. Sequin work, heavy embroidery, silk and zari works complement the graceful design of this garment, eliminating the need to accessorize.

So planning to buy wedding dresses online for the next celebration in the house? Try the latest selection of Anarkali Suits and Floor Length dresses to shine at every function.

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