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Article: How To Wear Perfect Saree

How To Wear Perfect Saree

How To Wear Perfect Saree

how to wear sarees in most comfortable way, things to consider before you start.

Can you name one attire which combines tradition, style, culture, sophistication and much more, it’s Six Yards of Sheer Elegance: Saree.

While no one can question to the charm and grace a saree can add to all the beautiful women, at the same time the art of wearing and managing this layered piece of cloth is a sometimes tough. Be it work or event or wedding evening, draping a perfect saree becomes very important, sometimes more important than the design and look of saree itself. Few casual wear sarees are very easy to carry like; mulmul cotton saree, bagru cotton sareeand linen sarees. And even when you look for wedding wear sarees , the evergreen Banarasi khaddi chiffon sareesare light weight and are easy to carry all through the day.

Today team wants to share some tips with you to carry your drape easily and comfortably.

So let us share Most Imp Tips to Drape a Perfect Saree, you must keep in mind before you decide to drape any saree.


1. Fabric & Occasion -Yes it matters a lot, we should always choose the right saree as per the purpose and occasion.

If it’s a busy occasion, where you are occupied in too much of work and have to run here and there, so make sure you don’t wear any slippery fabric saree. Like; crepe saree, Italian crepe saree or chiffon saree and heavy embroidery work saree. Rather you should wear from saree options such as light silk saree, Chanderi saree, south cotton sarees, gota patti saree or golden zari border sarees.

For office use one can pick cotton sarees, bagru print cotton sarees, floral chiffon saree, leheriya saree, and printed georgette saree. You can find a lot of variety of all these on our site


2. Length of pallu - It is another very important factor while wearing this attire. You should keep the length of your pallu as per your height and which suits your body type. Neither too long nor too short, find the perfect length as per you.

3. Choose the right peticoat ( Inner skirt)- It is the most underrated factor while wearing a saree, but it’s must to consider. it’s also important where to tie the knot in petticoat for a perfect drape. If you are lean low waist petticoat are a strict NO, as it can make your saree fall off, which is highly no no situation.


4. Pleat matters-  Make sure you pleat the fabric properly; length and width of pleats decide the look of overall drape.


5. Right footware to match- Wear heels which are comfortable and goes well with the saree,don’t wear high heels if you are not used to it.


Follow this tips from and look Jhakhas,click on link below to shop for all kind of ethnic wear.

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