A saree makes a woman virtuous. There isn't anything more graceful than an Indian saree.

Saree is considered as one of the best traditional Indian ethnic wear which has been worn all over the country and in different styles according to their culture respectively. Saree is like recognition of the Hindu culture.

The Kota saree is a very popular and amazing ethnic wear in India, and is made at a famous city Kota, Rajasthan. These beautiful Kota sarees are very finely woven and are really light in weight and are daily wearables.
We offer you unique and vibrant range of kota saree collection at Jhakhas.com from daily wear sarees to party wear sarees.
No doubt, the Kota saree displays a novel individuality as and when it is paired along with the embroidery and border patches. That would make the saree extensively stylish and make you outshine.
Here we present our main ranges in Kota Saree Collection are Kota Gotta Patti Sarees, Kota Doria Lehriya Sarees, Kota Block Print Sarees, Kota Embroidery Sarees.

The Kota Doria saree is a gorgeous dress to wear. ‘Dori’ means ‘threads’. exclusively woven texture with a remarkable square-checked pattern made on fine silk, cotton or a mix of these two fibres, the presence of black soil also contributes the cultivation of excellent quality of cotton in the area. Kota has the distinction of being one of the three fine count cotton producing regions in the northern part of India (along with Chanderi and Maheshwar). The fabric is formed of square checks in a variety of sizes and colours. Gold zari work in Kota Sarees is also used to make the weave more elegant and thus desirable. Various fancy yarns can also be inserted for the sake of variety, All sums up make a beautiful and decent collection of kota sarees at Jhakhas.com.

Classy is the perfect word to describe this beautiful multi purpose orange colored Kota Doria saree encrafted with bandhani print all over the saree with embellished Zari border which is available in different shades of dark red and red. This Kota Doria Saree is comes with matching Unstitched Blouse. You can complete your festival/party look with matching footwears and earrings. Jhakhas.com brings the variety of best and trendy ethnic sarees.

Gotta patti sarees (originated in Rajasthan) work is a type of applique technique in which fabric patches are layered on a foundation fabric, then stitched in place by hand or machine, Small pieces of colored ribbons are applied onto the material with the sides sewn down to create elaborate patterns. Our delicate Gota Patti Sarees are available in wide range of collection according occassions like Rakhi, designer sarees for Diwali, weddings, Small get together functions and other Indian festivals.

The sheen of the Gotta Patti work is unique to itself making it a must-have for every saree lover. Enhance your traditional clothing by wearing this Pink Kota saree with Gotta-patti work.

Small gotta flowers scattered over the saree and has a graceful gotta-patti work on border which makes it dazzling look. This saree comes with a matching blouse piece and is available in vibrant colors at Jhakhas.com. Gotta patti sarees are always perfect for all occasions.

At Jhakhas.com, you would come across the various elegant and gorgeous designer sarees. Kota sarees Collection comprised of beautifully woven kota doria, The sarees of the real zari kota sarees online present at Jhakhas.com and are of different colors and they are available at budget-friendly prices. Go ahead and check them out. Select the best saree that makes you more confident and let’s shine off your glam look among the guests at festivals, wedding, parties, and other functions. We hope you had a enjoyable experience at Jhakhas.com.

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