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Kota Doria Lehriya Sarees


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Kota Saree In Blue With Leheriya Work
Sale price₹2,299.00 Regular price₹4,798.00
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Pink Leheriya Work Kota Doria Sari
Sale price₹2,399.00 Regular price₹4,798.00
Save ₹3,799.00
Red Leheriya Work Kota Doria Sari
Sale price₹2,799.00 Regular price₹6,598.00
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Yellow Bandhej Work Kota Sari
Sale price₹1,999.00 Regular price₹3,998.00
The beauty of leheriya

A woman's collection is incomplete without a variety of leheriya dupattas and sarees. Leheriya comes in various fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, organza, linen, Kota Doria, zari, georgette, and silk, among others. Kota Doria is traditionally crafted in the towns of Kota in Rajasthan and Mau in Uttar Pradesh, using pure cotton or silk. The distinctive square motifs seen in Kota weaving, known as khats, create lightweight and comfortable designer sarees.

An organic cotton Kota Leheriya saree features a vibrant spectrum of colors, each intricately dyed to achieve the flowing, multi-color effect. These Rajasthan-origin sarees are hand-tied in wave-like leheriya patterns and undergo multiple dyeing processes, resulting in a stunningly versatile saree suitable for any occasion. Be it pooja's or a festive work event, or in a small get together, leheriya saree is perfect for all. A true reflection Lehriya sarees of Rajasthan's rich and vivid culture, it's made from silk cotton. 


Buy Kota Doria Lehriya Sarees Online

Shop Kota Doria Lehriya Sarees Online offers a collection of Kota Doria sarees and leheriya sarees for those who appreciate bright colors and intricate patterns. Our Kota sarees are sourced directly from artisans in Kota, Rajasthan, and feature leheriya motifs created through a tie and dye process. Each saree is hand-colored to perfection by skilled dyers, ensuring vivid and captivating colors so that you get best of the best.