What to wear this wedding season?

We women and our fashion, perhaps the most dynamic and growing industry today. But we can’t help it, we like to dress up, accept it or not, nothing is more satisfying than dressing up perfect for the wedding (doesn’t matter if its our or not).

So, if you are having doubts on what to wear this wedding season, the high trending fashion of Banarasi Silk Lehengas come knocking on the door.

I mean how can one not fall for the Banarasi attires? And silk I think it is every woman's favourite. Just look at the brocade, the zari designs, the prints, the patterns and the beautiful colors it comes in. And Indian weddings are something that every Indian women consider their own runway.

Banarasi (Banarasee) Silk Lehengas are weaved from the authentic banarasi silk fibres, having a rich and traditional feel and look.

It has its own vouched place in Bollywood. From Karishma Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt, everybody is having a designer banarasi silk lehenga in their wardrobe.

You can easily buy trending designer banarasi lehenga online, just type banarasi (banarasee) silk designer lehenga online, you will find a really good and designer range easily. Create a little “KHAS”, a little “JHAKHAS” look for yourself this wedding season and buy your Banarasi silk now.

Jhakhas.com, Jhakhas.com | Facebook, has launched its new and exclusive designer Banarasi silk lehenga collection. Check out the beautiful designer collection and start shopping!


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