Why is salwar suit an underrated trend ?

Call it salwar suit or salwar kameez, it is basically a tunic with pants and a dupatta. It is an traditional garment from north-east India. It has eye-catching patterns with different styles, patterns, prints and embroideries and is available in almost every color running in the market.

It is one of the most common wear among Indian girls and women and a daily wear for most of the eastern and northern females.

But the question arise, is that why it is so underrated? Why it still stands behind in high fashion, coutures, runways, etc.

The modern day salwar kameez has a huge variety. It could be sleeveless, tight-fitted. Different styles of kurtas with high cut, low cut. The salwaar could be replaced with fitting pants, trousers, churidar-leggings, palazzo, jeans, etc. Like other forms of dress, the length and width of salwar suits as been influenced by new western fashion trends and could be designed with modern and traditional blend. It is a dynamic apparel perfect for today’s women, providing comfort, ease and style a work or home.

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