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Article: Closer Look of Punjabi Wedding Rituals, Ceremonies and Dresses Ideas

Closer Look of Punjabi Wedding Rituals, Ceremonies and Dresses Ideas

Closer Look of Punjabi Wedding Rituals, Ceremonies and Dresses Ideas

Food, fun, and a lot of dancing!! These are undeniably crucial elements of Punjab's colorful culture, and they are unquestionably what comes to mind when we think of a Punjabi wedding. In addition to them some sparkling, bright outfits, expensive décor, and an open bar is ideal for the big huge Sikh wedding!

Punjabi Wedding Rituals 
  1. Get Ready for Your Sagan Ritual - The bride and groom exchange rings at the Sagan ceremony, also known as the engagement ceremony. The family members then do a little pooja to bless the bride and groom. The sagan can be as large or as small as wanted.

    Sagan is a ceremony that should not be overdone or underdone. Your attire and jewelry should strike the appropriate balance of elegance and glitz. And here's how to do it! You might choose a flamboyant glamorous gown, or select a beautiful designer lehenga to make a statement at your wedding function. You must choose our special Baby Pink Designer Salwar Suit designed just for your special day.

    Also, you can never go wrong with beautiful organza sarees in pastel shades like Sea Green Organza Saree or Pink Chikankari Saree in Organza at your sagan ceremony that are a big trend. Preferably, the bride should avoid wearing too many jewelry for this event. We recommend that you wear one standout diamond that will complement your overall look. You may wear heavy earrings, and avoid additional adornments such as maang tikka and necklace. Alternatively, select light jewelry. 

Hot Pink Gotawork Salwar SuitGreen Organza Saree

2. Attire for mehndi ceremonies - The Mehndi ritual, which is often done during the day or afternoon, involves the bride having her hands, arms, and feet colored with henna. Close friends and family members also get their hands henna-painted. There are two options for your mehndi ceremony attire! The first is to prioritise comfort over fashion (because mehndi application and the dance fun that follows is a tedious task).  The second option is to go full glam in heavy clothing. So, whichever style best matches your personality, go for it.
Green Patola Georgette Saree
When it comes to selecting an attire for a mehndi ceremony, the sky is the limit. Everything from a simple chikankari lehenga to a gota patti salwar suit, crop top and lehenga skirt, lightweight pure chiffon saree, and even a short dress is available. Lightweight gorgeous georgette sarees with lovely embroidery like Fashionable Georgette Saree in blue or Beautiful Wine Sequin Georgette Saree are ideal for a mehendi ceremony.


Jewelry guide - 

Hath phools, maang tikkas, light yet designer earrings, and anklets are the traditional adornments worn by a Punjabi bride at the mehndi ritual.  
  • Floral jewelry is clearly a popular choice for brides for the mehndi ceremony. You should absolutely give it a go. There are several flower jewelry businesses that provide a drool-worthy selection of fresh and dry floral gems.

  • Gota jewelry is another excellent choice for a mehndi ceremony.

  • Personalized accessories are generating quite a stir these days, and we wholeheartedly support them!

Dark Green Raw Stone Earring


  1. Chura, kaleera and haldi ceremony - The chura, which symbolizes a newly married woman, is a set of cream and red bangles worn by the bride for 40-45 days following her marriage. Following the ceremony, the bride’s sisters and friends tie the kaleerein to her wrists. The bride tosses her kaleerein over the heads of unmarried ladies at the wedding, and whoever it lands on is supposed to be the next in line to marry.

    Haldi is a happy celebration in which the bride and groom are smeared with a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, rose water, and other ingredients to give them a golden glow on their wedding day!  On the Haldi, most brides wear something yellow, such as a saree, a basic suit, or even a lehenga choli. A stunning floral organza lehenga or a Yellow Bandhej Lehenga Chunni would look just perfect!! But, why not deviate from the standard and set your own rules? To get that radiance, wear a simple white chikankari saree with yellow designer earrings and a potli bag. Alternatively, a classic green chikankari gota salwar suit from jhakhas will look lovely. To keep things simple, wear a yellow basic salwar suit with a contrasting heavy dupatta.


Stylish Orange Floral Organza Lehenga


Jewelry guide – 
Floral jewellery looks very gorgeous at the haldi ceremony.
  • Wearing no jewellery at all during the haldi-chooda ritual is not a bad idea. 

  • You may also choose some exquisite meenakari jewellery. They also look fantastic.

  • Personalised accessories are generating quite a stir these days, and we wholeheartedly support them!
4. Lava Pheras – This is the most beautiful ceremony where both bride and the groom tie the knot together. On the big day, the pressure to appear gorgeous is intense! While pressure is unavoidable, a well-chosen clothing and jewelry may help you remain calm. 
Mehroon Banarasi Salwar Suit
  • Lovely Red Lehenga, Warm red lehenga with a Gold Embellished Flared Skirt will look absolutely stunning. This gorgeous cranberry lehenga is an ideal Punjabi wedding dress for the bride. The thick rose gold embroidery, light color net dupatta, and simple gold bootis on the choli will look stunning when paired with heavy gold jewelry. The bride appears to be a dream! 

    Stylish Red Readymade Lehenga

  •  Pastel Pink Lehenga - The majority of Sikh marriages take place in the morning! A bride in a delicate, pastel Punjabi wedding dress seemed to have stepped right out of a fairy tale. A light pink pastel chikankari lehenga with contrasting color will appear lovely. The bride will appear as calm as a dream. The designer dupatta, the lovely chikan work choli, the minimalistic yet elegant jewelry, and the white flowered hairstyle will make her appear divine! 

    Stylish Pink Readymade Lehenga

  • Red Banarasi Silk Saree - When discussing Punjabi wedding dresses for brides, how can we leave out a stunning red wedding saree? A lovely warm red lehenga with bandhej work over the complete length, will look attractive, fresh, and traditional. 

Red Banarasi Paithani Soft Silk Saree


  • Orange Bandhej Lehenga chunni - This wedding outfit's cut and color are absolutely out of the ordinary! Choose a lehenga whose skirt’s flare is broad enough with elaborate bandhej work featured on it. The lehenga may be worn with a Designer Chiffon Dupatta in pink  that has a beautiful border, available only at

Orange Bandhej Lehenga Chunni


  • Dark pink salwar suit – A dark pink punjabi salwar suit can never go wrong. You may complete your Punjabi bride appearance by carrying a pink potli purse and gorgeous jewelry. All Available at your one stop destination only at

 Baby Pink Chikankari Gota Salwar Suit


Jewelry guide –

    • Chooda and Kaleeras are absolute must-haves for a Punjabi bride's wedding day outfit. They cannot be avoided!

    • Earrings, a neckpiece(s), and a nath are all required bridal ornaments. However, you can wear either a matha patti or a maang tikka, or both with a twist. Indian jewelry is so diverse and adaptable that you may embrace both simplicity and maximalism, depending on your tastes.

    • Necklace layering is a new craze. Choose your jewelry, however, based on the style of blouse neckline (or vice versa).

 Colors and bling bling outfits are the focus of a Punjabi wedding. It is your sign to wear something exquisite and stunning if you want to stand out in a crowd and show off your outstanding fashion sense. Go ahead and dance your heart out, eat as much delicious cuisine as you want, and shine all the way. is a well-known online store where you can buy everything from trendy salwar suits, khaddi chiffon sarees, and gota patti suits. Choose your favourite and provide us with your specifications, and we'll have a custom outfit delivered to your door in no time. We ship worldwide and offer cod services all over India.

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