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Article: Gujarati Wedding Traditions, Rituals, Customs and Dresses Ideas

Gujarati Wedding Traditions, Rituals, Customs and Dresses Ideas

Gujarati Wedding Traditions, Rituals, Customs and Dresses Ideas

India is a vastly diverse country. In this huge country, people of all faiths, castes, religions and cultures coexist. Each Indian state has its own cultural and semantic systems. Every region of India has its own own culture, language, dialect, and social structure.

Understanding and experiencing every aspect of India is complicated with so much variation. However, Weddings are an excellent chance to learn about a community's culture, and way of life. A glance at this elaborate event will provide you a 360-degree perspective of the cuisine, clothes, life, and snippets of people's mindset, behaviour, ethics, rituals, and customs. 

With this article, we hope to provide you with surprising details about the famous Wedding of Gujarat, including its bridal and wedding customs.

Gujrati Wedding Rituals


  1. Chandlo Vidhi - The first ceremony of the wedding, Chandlo Maatli, where the formal announcement is made. During this ceremony, the groom's father and four male relatives arrive at the groom's home with a steel container or maatli filled with sweets and gifts for the groom and his family.


    • Complete Outfit Guide:
Since it is a small family gathering only close relatives are invited. You can wear a basic salwar suit as a bride. You can pair a lovely banarasi silk salwar suit or a trendy organza floral salwar suit. Hairclips and small hair accessories can be used to pin up your hair. It would look amazing, wearing a watch in one hand and a bracelet in the other. Wear little gold studs in your ears for a delicate look. 

Both the bride's and groom's mothers might wear a lovely traditional saree. They can choose between bandhani sarees and lovely pure chiffon sarees. Carrying them with a gorgeous designer blouse will even out the outfit.

Hot Pink Banarasi Salwar Suit

Sisters of both the bride and groom may wear a salwar suit since it is both fashionable and comfortable. Kota doria suits, chikankari suits, and organza sarees are popular this season. Appropriate accessories will enhance the appearance.


  1. Mandap Mahurat – Bringing up Lord Ganesha's blessings before any important occasion is a prevalent ritual in Indian/Hindu culture. The bride and groom conduct a prayer function at their respective houses and pray to Lord Ganesha for his blessings on a bright future free of difficulties. They also ask Mother Earth to bless the location of the mandap.

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Typically, the females of the family dress in heavy Banarasi sarees worn in Gujrati style in a variety of vibrant colors. They accessorize it with a little maang tikka, bangles or bracelet. Wear a little bindi with it as well to look stunning. Wear comfortable footwear because the footwear is removed during pooja.

Hot Pink Rani Khaddi Georgette Heavy Saree

  1. Pithi or haldi ceremony - The pithi ceremony is held separately at the bride's and groom's houses. They are made to sit on a low stool as their loved ones apply a turmeric, sandalwood, rosewater, and other herb paste on their face, hands, and feet. This paste is customarily created by the bride/ groom's paternal uncle's wife, or 'kaki.' After that, they are washed in holy water.


    • Complete Outfit Guide:
Yellow Lehenga with Unique Blouse - Haldi outfit for a bride must be exceptional, but keep in mind that it will be ruined no matter how careful you are. So, go for something basic yet exquisite, such as yellow Lehenga with dispersed light embroidery all around, a thick border with thick lace, and a fitting top blouse.

Stylish Yellow Floral Lehenga

Traditional Yellow Cotton Saree - A basic yellow cotton saree paired with an orange blouse will never go out of style. This stunning costume is ideal for the bride's Haldi Event, as this ceremony is normally held during the day, and the saree provides a classic and beautiful look.

Beautiful Yellow Linen Cotton Saree

Go Multi Colored - Just like Priyanka Chopra slayed in a multi-colored skirt at her mehendi ceremony, you can stand out in a multi-colored skirt and yet look exquisite at your haldi ceremony. Alternatively, you might wear a brightly colored gota patti suit.

Multicolor Gota Work Chiffon Saree


  1. Varghodo - Similar to the 'baraat,' the groom rides to the wedding destination on a brilliantly decorated horse as his family dance behind him. When the groom and his family arrive, the bride's mother greets them with sweets and aarti in the 'jaan' ceremony. In a delightful ritual, the bride's mother softly pinches the groom's nose to remind him to be modest because he is coming to ask for her daughter's hand in marriage, while he attempts to escape being caught.


  1. Pheras, Jaimala, and Vidaai - In the pheras ritual, the couple walks around the holy fire as the priest chants from the holy texts. After each circle, the bride's brother offers the pair puffed rice to present to the fire. Everyone celebrates and showers the newlyweds with petals as they exchange magnificent flower garlands. After the wedding, the bride departs from her house to move to her new home with her husband. The event includes a heartfelt farewell and poignant moments.


    • Complete Outfit Guide

Bridal Panetar sarees are typically worn by brides of gujrat. A Gujarati bride's cultural wedding saree is a vision in white and red. Panetar is the Gujarati word for wedding saree. Despite the fact that contemporary styles like as bridal lehenga choli are making significant inroads, many Gujarati families prefer that their daughters wear the traditional cream/white/red saree for at least the wedding ceremonies. However, because to shifting needs and trend, even the ordinary Panetar has undergone significant alterations. Panetar sarees are currently available in an infinite number of color variants, embroideries, materials, and decorations.

Many brides choose Panetar style wedding lehenga cholis in white, cream, and red. The bride adorns herself with a kundan necklace, heavy jadau earrings or jhukas, also called as 'kan ni butti' in Gujarati, rings, nathani or nose ring, armlets, hand ornaments, anklets, bangles, bracelets, hair ornaments, maang tikka or forehead jewelry, and a Kamar bandh - ornate waist band. The hair is done in a bun decorated with gorgeous flowers and the head is decked up in wedding chuniri.

Gujarati weddings are a fantastic representation of their vibrant culture, loving hospitality, and exquisite vegetarian cuisine. They are rooted in tradition yet undoubtedly enjoyable. There is never a boring moment, from whirling bandhani dresses to amusing wedding games and, of course, a lot of garba. offers a wide range of salwar suits in a variety of styles and designs at competitive prices. We realize that getting the salwar fabric stitched according to the trend might be difficult, which is why we've created the current styles of premade suits to make the procedure easier. We also offer you the option of having your prefabricated suit stitched according to your measurements. You may place an order while keeping the size, style, purpose, and age in mind. We'll also send high-quality materials right to your home. Now is the time to stock up on designer dupattasdesigner sarees and party wear salwar suits.






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