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Bandhej Sarees


The Traditional Art Form

Bandhani, also known as Bandhej, is a sort of tie-dye textile that is embellished by pulling the material into several bindings to produce a pattern. The name Bandhani is originated from the Sanskrit word 'Banda,' meaning 'to bind.' It is mostly practiced in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and some portions of Uttar Pradesh. Bandhani is a technique that includes dyeing a cloth that has been firmly bound with a string in multiple places to create a variety of designs.

Bandhani sarees and bandhej suits are most commonly available in cotton and silk materials. The cloth is firmly knotted before being put in a dye bath. The fabric's knotted portion is colored in brilliant colors. Bandhej is made up of a slew of designs, gorgeous color combinations, and enticing twirls. In many groups, wearing a Bandhani is a sign of belonging. bandhani lehenga is traditionally worn at weddings and other ceremonial ceremonies.

To lend it a regal air, bandhani prints are sometimes adorned with mirrored work or gota work. features the most up-to-date and stunning bandhani work sarees. Bandhani is an ancient method of producing various patterns and designs on fabric.

Bandhani saree designs have recently grown increasingly fashionable, and they may be worn for any event. Bandhej, also known as Bandhani, is a lovely art form that is used by both men and women. Natural colors are used to make Bandhani or Bandhej. Bandhani just like banarasi sarees, Kota sarees collection, and gota patti sarees come in a variety of colors. Classical Bandhani patterns are popular both in India and across the world.

Which colors are available in Bandhej sarees?

The more intricate the Bandhani work, the more pricey the fabric. Natural hues dominate in bandhani, with red, white, yellow, blue, green, and black being the most common. Get this comfy Bandhani saree from and experience the Gujarat and Rajasthan specialty attire.

Which designs are available in Bandhej or Bandhani?

Bandhej or Bandhani is available in a range of designs, colors, and styles. These variances are determined by the place in which the Bandhej cloth is produced. When Bandhani is finished, it makes a variety of patterns like as dots, waves, strips, and squares. Bandhej designs are done on Light Lehriya sarees and leheriya gota patti suits, and include Mothra, Ekdali, and others, based on how the material is knotted.